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    You mean Y'all got a change of clothes?

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    AT PI; we were the laundry./ Our clothes went where we went. We washed them and God dried them. We didn't have a laundry number. Folks like Mongoose couldn't count anyway!


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    Back in the Old corps we had wash racks and a bucket and did our own laundry
    with a scrub brush then we penned them on a clothes line to dry, and we were paid 75.00 month but that was in 1956 at MCRD SD.

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    Yep in my day (1987, PI), we had these giant washers and dryers and if you were lucky, you got to go out on laundry detail. But during that, I screwed up a couple of things like a dumbass. I tried to sneak a coke at the mainside chowhall and then I laid down on a giant bag of freshly dried WM uniforms only to have a WM Drill Instructor completely chew my ass out and bend the frick out of me. Then daddy had me on the quarterdeck for a LONG time. Needless to say, I never got to go on any more work details for the rest of my stay on the Island.

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    Well, well....we had 3 sets of utilities. One was starched and put away, used only for inspections. The other 2 was what we called Scuzzies at SD. We wore one pair for 7 days, then changed into the other pair, which we wore for another week, after washing the pair you just took off.
    In Nam, there was no need to wash your utilities, as they rotted off in a couple of weeks. We washed our utilities while wearing a muddy river with dead bodies floating by. Just saying.....the life of a Grunt was unbelievably fun.

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    Billy, you forgot to say that we also drank the water in those rivers and paddies. I was pretty good at straining the hard stuff out of the water with my teeth. Not so much though for the chemicals like agent orange.

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    you turds better learn to start posting
    around here.

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    Russ, remember how we used to pull leeches off each others back, bite their heads off and suck out the blood. That's how we became blood brothers.

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    My last post I screwed it up and hit wrong button but I was going to say I was there in Aug 61 and remember the wash trough with a bunch of spots side by side where we scrubbed our skivvies, really first class!

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    I don't know how many times I heard "Platoon 2006, on the company street!" bellowed out by one or more of my Drill Instructors. Followed by "you have one minute!". So, it's branded on my brain .. so to speak

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    Me too.....every morning at 4 o'clock, they yelled Platoon 3321....

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    yeah, so our hut would wake up before revele, get dressed, make our racks, and get everything squared away. It was the only way we could make it in a minute

    ... The "company street" reference was to the walkway between quonsets (in San Diego) ... BTW one of the quonsets that were preserved for posterity at MCRD-SD was my first Marine "home" ...

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    "Three thirty two-oo, running all the way yeah!"

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    Id Forget my ******* birthday first

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