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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikHeiker View Post
    I ran across a post on a forum where someone claiming to be a former Marine stated he couldn't remember his MCRD platoon number. He gave a lame excuse about having a lot going on at time. He also stated he received his MOS training at El Toro. I was stationed at El Toro and I don't remember any schools there. I'm thinking poser. Has anyone else forgotten their platoon number? I know I haven't, and it's been over 42 years since I graduated.
    I know all my DI's
    My last week I broke my back... (long story)(Honorable Discharge under medical conditions ) have surgery and receive Medical Discharge or Go home without surgery and receive medical discharge. those days I was told I'd probably be paralyzed if I ever walked again....Surgery was not in my best interest...
    My SDI...Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sgt.Houston
    Drill Instructor SSGT Brice
    Drill Instructor Sgt Sanchez
    I remember everything. .names dates..a few of other recruits that one cannot forget...Pvt Gransbury...PVT Christopher and others....But for the life of me I cannot remember my platoon number..? 2040 ? 2080 ? 1080 ?
    After my broken back....and then a broken neck my health deterioration. ..I just cannot remember it....
    Fricken ticks me off....

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    I remember my USMC serial number (2533xxx), the serial number of my TRW M14 (1241xxx) and of course, my Platoon number. I was tall (for my platoon) at 6'1" and I was savvy enough not to step on my own feet, so I spent almost every week of boot as either the 4th squad leader (one week as guidon bearer), except for when I *did* screw the pooch on a minor detail (I corrected my DI, respectfully, mind you) and got to be a road guard several days for my sins.

    You can get a copy of your MPRJ (201 File, OMPF, SRB, they keep changing the name of your records, just to make life more exciting for the POGs.). That will have (at least) a page with your duty stations and units. You have the right to request a copy from the archives in St. Louis. Google will get you to the correct website to make the request. It should fill in a lot of blank spots from 50 years of doing other stuff.

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    Some things in life you can't forget.....

    SSn/Service Number/Rifle number.....if you can't..... you were NOT there.

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    Forgetting your boot camp platoon number is like forgetting your mother's first name; no way that is possible.

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    Actually I cannot remember my rifle number(s). I had a few of them. 1 in boot camp, another in infantry school, another at barracks duty. One in India company, Another in Echo. Then another in Lima. Can't remember my graduation date either. I remember my entrance date and my exit date. I remember my platoon # 3092. I also remember all the marching hymns and PT songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunny068 View Post
    Some things in life you can't forget.....SSn/Service Number/Rifle number.....if you can't..... you were NOT there.
    Well...guess that makes me a long time poser on this forum.
    Just kidding.

    Platoon # is easy.
    For a time right after I got out I could rattle off my Nam rifle #. (M14)
    Now...can't recall the sequence but it had (2) nines, a three and and a five.
    Don't remember the sequence anymore or how many digits.
    I'm thinking (7) digits but those neurons are filled with fog now.

    A Merry Christmas to all with family and friends.

    Carry on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsta View Post
    Forgetting your boot camp platoon number is like forgetting your mother's first name; no way that is possible.
    When someone says they can't remember there platoon number cause they can't take into consideration that they may have had a concussion or some other brain trauma and simple can't remember it along with other information that was from back in the day when say I went through Boot Camp for instance I went through Parris Island,S.C. in Feb 12 1973 and graduated in May 1 1973. I remember all my drill instructors too. But I haven't had any brain damage.
    Just give them a chance and don't judge us older azz hole as some of us have the on set of Alzheimer and find it hard to remember yesterday Like me Can't remember yesterday hardly but Boot Camp I can remember like it was yesterday OK..
    Merry Christmas to all my Fellow Brothers...

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    LOL I'm not sure if I could ever forget my platoon number but if I had a stroke tomorrow and forgot it, I know I will never forget my D.Is,. Especially S.D.I Wilson. He was going through a divorce and man we could tell when he we hit the deck how he was feeling that morning. Good times.. Semper Fi and Merry Christmas Marines!!

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    What me Forget?

    MCRD/ S.D. plt 2039 S/N 1639--- M-1 1273651
    I don,t remember forgetting anything!

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    MCRD 1967 Sept . PLT # ??? Ser.# 2388*** Nam Dec 67 -69 . I have no idea about my platoon # did make PFC though. Merry Christmas ALL

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    My husband joined the Marines in July 1956 and can recite his service number in his sleep; however, he cannot remember his platoon number. His ex-wife burnt all his records & pictures so he has nothing. I contacted the National Personnel Records Center and was able to get a copy of the military photograph and NAVMC 118(3) but she couldn't give me anything else without the platoon number. I also received a form to get a platoon picture from but wasn't able to get anything without the platoon number. I've tried several places, forums, searches to no avail on how to find it. Would anyone have any suggestions? It would mean so much.

    Thank you so much for any help!

    (I'm typing this because Jerry can't type). .

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    Not yet, thank God.

    2066 MCRD PI (June/87)

    Laundry number 63.

    Hard to forget.


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    What is a laundry number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverdollar View Post
    What is a laundry number?
    George.....that's the number of times our D.I.s hung us out to dry....

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverdollar View Post
    What is a laundry number?
    It was essentially your original number on the roster sheet but why called a laundry number? The belt you were issued with your utilities was always going to be too long. The Drill Instructors had us cut the excess, mark our number on the piece of belt and then we pinned that piece to our laundry bag. With your dirty clothes in the bag, they would get sent off for wash and then when it came back, it was easily identifiable by your "laundry number".

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