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    The way I check out posers is if they can't remember their platoon number, I then ask if they can remember their mothers name.

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    What if their mother was in a different platoon?

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    Yes... after numerous surgeries from a broken neck and an ex wife whom KEPT all my USMC bonds and papers. . .. maybe you can help. ..I went to MCRD 10921977...2DBN RTR MCRD SAN DIEGO CA 92140.
    DI.....Staff Sgt.Brice
    DI.... SGT. SANCHEZ.
    Soooooo.... That other guy might be a poser....I assure you sir... that I am not!
    Hopefully with your Great memory. ... you can help me find my platoon number. ..
    Some of us has stuff happen to our memories. ...
    Sincerely. ....SEMPER FI MARINE! !!

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    Book's not bonds

    I HATE these auto speller on my phone. ..

    SEMPER FI. ...


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    I guess it's possible to forget your platoon number, but I would just as likely forget my birthday. Which is to say not at all. Platoon 1120 graduated 27 Jan 1977.

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    See if you remember it after being out of the Corps for over 60 years.

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    I remember plt # 2012 & my laundry #48 & my rifle # 19595 D.I.'s Vallancourt SSGT. /KaySGT. /SGT.Fagan 47 years ago

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    What the hell is a laundry #

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    Things to remember from Boot Camp include: Platoon No. (382), Sr. Drill Instructor (T/Sgt Ford), Rifle Serial No. (4262155), and other stuff....

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    Quote Originally Posted by David R 1968 View Post

    What the hell is a laundry # *
    *First Initial of your last name
    and last four digits of your service number

    for a short period of time in my life I could not
    remember my boot platoon number .

    MOS school in El Toro ??? did he mean he was
    OJT mos... I'd be interested to know what the
    mos he says he had...

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    I do not remember my platoon number. I forgot it years ago while I was still active duty. I remember my Drill Instructors from the platoon I did most of my training but not the names from the ones I graduated with - only spent like 7 days with them. I am on record as graduating and did 20 years, but to date - no one has ever found me in a platoon book. Things happen. I'm not saying the guy is not a poser - but it does bring up questions. There used to be "A" schools in Tustin and El Toro for some aviation MOS's in the early 80"s. Not sure which ones or how long but there were some.

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    I was at El Toro from early 77 to late 80, and I remember there was an MOS school there. I can't remember what it was (it wasn't MY MOS, so why should I?) but I remember that their open squad bay type barracks were on mainside, between the perimeter road and the chow hall.

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    I didn't even think forgetting your platoon number was possible.

    2ND BN, G CO, PLT 2018
    SSgt. Ragland
    Sgt. Medina
    Sgt. Toles
    Sgt. ... WOW! I actually forget the last guy's name...oh... Sgt. Castillo.

    I stood on the yellow footprints on December 27, 2005 and graduated March 24.

    I'm not exactly sure how I would ever forget this stuff.

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    I don't remember the exact dates. I know I graduated PI Sept 2000, Plt 1065 SDI SSgt Graham DI Sgt Anderson Di Sgt Schroeder, but I'll be damned if I can remember the day I arrived at PI or the exact date I graduated. I think it was the 12th?

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    Arrived at MCRD San Diego 18 June 74 graduated 13 Sept 74, series GySgt Huff his famous words were Can't Means Won't, Won't Means Jail. Platoon Commander SSgt Case, DI SSgt Cartwright, DI Sgt Talian who would foam at the mouth, Platoon 1064 dismissed, Never Forget, Semper Fidelis.

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