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    Two things you never forget.....Platoon number and Service Number....damn I'm old.

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    Same same.

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    Some of you forget about Marines that have served in combat and have brain trauma and have lost allot of there memories. While you may say you would forget your birthday you forget that these men have fought and have received brain trauma and can't remember there on names sometimes...
    In other words think before you cased down judgement on them ..

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    Well, I saw a little combat and I don't have brain trauma that I know of, I'm only 100% PTSD. But what do I know?

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    Russ, they put me in a Mental Rehabilitation Center, 5 times......but I never forgot my Platoon # or Service #....I also saw a tiny bit of combat, but I don't know shet either...

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    in 23 years as a service officer, I've seen a number of service personnel that could not remember their service numbers, usually AF types, some Army, and Coast Guard, but I cannot remember even ONE COMBAT MARINE that did not still remember that number... the only types that I have seen that could not remember it were REMF types... just sayin....

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