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    There was a spouse who posted some questions on here yesterday and I responded to her. Mysteriously, her post has disappeared!

    I've got this posting pics thing down pretty good now!

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    I know you got it down good. Nice new avatar also Top. It didn't disappear yesterday, you were responding to a Troll. She/him/whatever was flagged as such, banned and that post by her/him/whatever was deleted but all your info remained for other spouses. It was great info so it was left to benefit others.

    That is why I read every post in every thread and look at the members account if it looks abnormal and keyword are flagged.

    I bet you didn't even look at the profile before responding did you ? lol.

    And you thought my job was easy. Hahahaha

    Enjoy your day and don't forget instead of posting pictures in your posts you can also create an album in your profile and load them up Brother.

    Opps, back to topic.

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    No. Never bothered to read the OP's profile. The questions/concerns seemed legit to me for someone who's husband is heading to the schoolhouse soon. Never dawned on me I was responding to a troll - dang! I got trolled and didn't even realize it!!

    One of my retired MSgt friends has this avatar - so I hijacked it from him (sounds better than stealing). Surprised I actually figured out how to install it! lol

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    Appears the troll self-identified as a spouse heading to MSG duty! LMAO!!

    Can I self-identify as Hugh Hefner, and move into the Playboy Mansion soon?

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