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    hmm...this sounds like some full medal jacket stuff right here haha. my first night as a check in consisted on being woken up at 1am and getting a ton of snowballs thrown at my face and then my roommate(also first night) got a bucket of snow dumped on him...this was 2009. I have never heard of anyone actually getting a blanket party. I have seen the blood stripes(and experienced) as well as pinning of rank(also experienced) I have seen "games" being played but it was always done in a platoon manner like field day for days other little bits, but nothing that I would truly consider hazing.but with todays Marine Corps, anything can be considered hazing so one must always be careful of who is watching....

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    Just get the rest of the Story... Branding in Jarhead ?

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    Yeah I dont think any of this is true. Hazing is legit supposed to go straight to the Commandant do not pass go do not collect $200. And especially if a gunny has an inkling about it he would face the exact same charges as the people doing the hazing. Sounds like someone is telling you some fallacies.

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    "Hypotheticaly a young Marine reports to his first duty station. During the night several "seniors" enter his room hold him down while others beat him and his roommate to the point they have trouble walking."

    Hypothetically, this thread is pure BS, it never existed...!!!

    Thread closed...!!!

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