Sunscreen in Boot
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    Sunscreen in Boot

    I have done some of my own research into this. I realize that none of the old salts had a drop of the stuff during their career. However, I am a very fair skinned individual. Can any of the new Marines tell me their experience with this during Boot camp?

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    I never needed the stuff (thank God for melanin) but the recruits who did used it. I believe we were given some at our initial cash sales trip, but its been 2 yrs and my memory is a bit hazy. You'll only really need it on your head, face and arms anyway.

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    I understand that the time to apply the sunscreen is scarce. Do you remember when they did theirs?

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    Before lights; which means before the lights came on, and we all got on line and counted off, they'd apply it. But you need to understand that PT goes before the sun comes up and usually ends very early in the morning. When you're on the grinder doing drill is when you're exposed to the sun the most, but even then its just your arms and face really because you have your cover on. So, unless you're like, the palest man ever, it shouldn't be that much of an issue.

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    I am a ginger. I think it may be a problem during drill, but during PT I should be okay. I get burn't to blisters if I am not careful. Certainly don't want to be charged for damaging government property.

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    Funny story: That happened to a guy in MOS school; he got burnt at the beach on the weekend, showed up Monday in really bad shape, and was threatened with a damage to government property charge. They never charged him though; but I digress. if its THAT bad to the point where it affects your health and well being, and limits your ability to train, the DI's, SDI will make some special concessions to allow you to stay in good health and train. It'll be tough training wise, but your health and well being wont be at risk.

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    downside is yes you get bug repellant which clogs your pours and you get sunscreen too never got to use any of it i was at PI during the winter cycle. Plan on it getting stomped on i cant tell you how many times I saw drill instructors stomp on peoples hygene gear and the like. Also they can use it as a weapon meaning they will make you put on an excessive amount then take you island hopping not quite fun.

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    Side note you can get NJP for getting a severe enough sunburn. Distruction of government property.

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    The OP is soooooo correct when he says that the Marines of past eras did not use it, nor were allowed to. LOL.

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    Hell is going to be hot...I don't want to get sun burn, or melanoma.

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