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    It might be considered a PCS duty station my MOS school was the same way it was 7 months long anything over 6 is considered PCS but he will still be in student status that is a whole different ball of wax than being in the FMF. Especially if he isnt a lat mover he doesnt even officially have an MOS yet you dont rate the MOS until you graduate the school house. Where this takes biggest effect is if he gets promoted to CPL which if he isnt a terrible Marine will happen if he fails out of the school house he will be reduced back to his old rank because he only rates the promotion in that MOS.
    His MOS school is going to be at least a year, so I think it will work out. Haha. I don't think he will have any problems ranking up, this is what he's wanted for so long. He likes to be the best he can and plans on doing 20+ years.

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    I called Defense Language Institute, and they told me that your spouse should wait until he gets out there, find out which language, as some have said, the length of the school varies depending on what language he will be learning, there is NO prohibition as such about spouses living nearby, as to POLICY, though, he'll have to speak to his unit in person, as there are several Marine units in DFI, and of course your spouse has no idea which one he'll be assigned to. Sounds like a massive operation out there, and they were extremely helpful on the phone. Good luck to you, looks like your best bet is to wait, as you had evidently already planned on doing.
    Thank you so much for everything! You have been so incredibly helpful, going above and beyond for me. I really appreciate it!

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    USMC 2571
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    Glad to help. I gave you some phone numbers via PM too....hopefully, all that info will help. Plenty of time to get it all figured out.

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