Weight limit to join Marines?
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    Weight limit to join Marines?

    So I wanna enlist in the Marines. But want to know if they'd accept my weight. I'm 68 inches tall and weigh 194. Would they accept me or will I have to drop more?

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    google is your friend as well as the ask a marine section just above where you posted. But yes you will need to lose more weight i believe 68 inches the Max weight is 180 lbs so you would need to lose at minimum 14 lbs

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    really depends on how you're built.....according to the Corps' height/weight standard you are overweight but if you're lean(muscle) a recruiter probably won't bother with it if you can pass an IST/PFT

    my suggest though as Munky already pointed out would be to drop that weight. not sure what your diet is like and what kind of shape you're in but 10-15 should be easy with a clean diet(no soda, junk food, fast food, etc) and hitting the gym/running a few miles per week

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    I always try to be underweight by at least a couple of lbs I turn 31 at the end of the month so weight stays on me a little bit easier than it peels away. So I like to be under my weight so i do not have to rely on someones math skills in order to make weight.. Just my personal opinion..

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