Is the combat correspondent MOS hard to get?
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    Is the combat correspondent MOS hard to get?

    I'm 17 and interested in joining the Marine Corps.
    I think I'd really like being a combat correspondent, but I've heard that the public affairs community is small, and entrance into the 43xx field is difficult.

    I have a 73 ASVAB, with general science, english, and math being my strong points.

    Good public speaking skills, writing skills, and I'm not afraid to deploy with grunts.

    I just feel like my chances are very low because the USMC is a smaller branch by itself and I can only imagine how small the PA community is.

    I'm willing to wait too if that makes a difference

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    You are correct in that the Public Affairs field in the USMC is small making it more difficult to attain a PA contract. Since you have taken the ASVAB already, you must be talking to a recruiter. What are they telling you?

    Read the similar threads beneath your post for more info.

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