Wearing my father's eagle globe and anchor
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    Wearing my father's eagle globe and anchor

    When my dad passed away I started wearing his Eagle, globe and anchor pin. Which side of my shirt is considered proper

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    None. Don't wear it where people can see it as it will cause all kinds of problems for you because you do not rate it. If you truely want to honor your father in that way wear it where no one can see it. Then it will be truely from the heart.

    RIP Marine.

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    It should have been place in his coffin All my decorations, badges, pins, strip, medals are all being place inside my coffin.

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    It should have been place in his coffin All my decorations, badges, pins, strip, medals are all being place inside my coffin.
    I put all of my uncles ad fathers memorabilia inside the memorial flags since some were cremated.....I earned my own awards I do not need to wear theirs. Also the fear of loss......or some disgruntled vet ripping it off your chest.....there are better ways to honor his service..........

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    You could put everything in a shadow box for display, Semper Fidelis.

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    Wear it how? In uniform, as a pin? either way I wouldnt do it if it holds sentimental value put it in a shadow box or on display somewhere

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    I agree also don't wear it at all. Just put it up and show it as a piece of Memorial to your Father along with some pic's..

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    Boo, It is very thoughtful that you want to honor your fathers memory. I commend you for that.

    A couple years ago we moved my parents out of my childhood home. My mother had stored away a barracks cover that belonged to her bother killed on Saipan in 1943.
    Being born in 1962 I had never met my uncle. Since I'm a Marine (52 years old) Mom gave me the cover. I placed it on display next to one of my garrison covers in front of a photo of my uncle.
    This past December my cousin's daughter became a Maine and I went to her graduation. On Family Day I presented her with the Eagle Globe and Anchor from my Uncles cover, and my Expert rife badge. She had both on her when she graduated.
    Three generations of my family were represented on the parade deck that day.
    Your intentions are well, but if you haven't earned the title of Marine you shouldn't wear the EGA. Your father being Marine would understand.
    I would suggest putting that EGA in a safe place for display or safe keeping, taking it out on special occasions such as your fathers birthday. Treat it like the family heirloom that it is. If you or a future family member become a Marine, wearing that EGA properly in uniform would be an honor to your fathers memory and an honor for a new Marine.
    You can honor your fathers memory by always keeping with you a photo of him in uniform.
    I hope this helps.

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    Huey, that sounds just perfect !!! And keep a photo of Him with it, along with His Name ...

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    My Dad had his EGA and gave it to me, I wore it during my time. My sons had no desire to become Marines so it now sits on a shelf in display.

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