Rest In Peace Drifter Mr. Drifter
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    Rest In Peace Drifter Mr. Drifter

    Learned this week that The Drifter's Husband has left to guard the Gates as we below remember him and Leave our last respect to him..So Please Eleanor in your thoughts please..

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    RIP,, thoughts and prayers to the surviving family members..

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    Fontman ?

    Semper Fi , Ellie

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Ed.. Mark was her second husband whom she married about 2-3 years after Roger (Drifter)passed.... as a member and mod after Roger passed she just used Rogers profile....with some changes....she was living in Philadelphia and he (Fontman) retired in Jacksonville NC (CLNC) where he had a graphics business and they moved in together and married.......hope this clarifies.........

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    rip brother

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