There is an unresolved leagacy from the Korea War-THE MIAS
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    Unhappy There is an unresolved leagacy from the Korea War-THE MIAS

    In 2005 the US Suspended talks with North korea over the ISSue of MIAS
    In 2010 it was reported the New administration was reversing the suspend talks
    In 2011 the VFW Adopted Resolution # 423 calling for reopening of talks with North Korea
    In January 2012 it was reported JPAC Was going to North Korea to search for MIAS
    In Febraury 2012 it was reported Talks were going ahead between US And North Korea in regard to MIAS
    On March 8, 2012 the US Announced it would search for MIAS in North Korea
    On March 21, 2012 THE US ADMINISTRATION Suspended talks with North Korea
    In Oct 2014 the North Koreans announced they would move the remains of 5,000 MIAS en Masse

    The DOD estimates 3,067 to 3,838 of 7,860 MIAS are Still IN NORTH KOREA

    Ref_ Missing In action {Korea} Wikipedia

    So What can be done..?
    Congress is the Voice of the People
    Let your Congress man know of this MIA Legacy from Korea conflicft and if Congress can get talks going again
    our Missing sons can come home to the USA


    An AMerican Citizen

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    Korea 1950-1953 let the veterans tell it in their own words....

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