MCRD Question and Recruiter Question
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    MCRD Question and Recruiter Question


    My name is Patrick, I am 17 years old, a Junior in High School and I live in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee area...

    My first question is when is the best time to talk to a recruiter? As I said above, I am 17 years old, I'll be 18 this August and I am a Junior. I'm asking this question here because I don't know if I'm old enough to talk to a recruiter yet, and I don't want to waste his time.

    Second question, ever since I've wanted to become a Marine, since 6th grade or so... I've been under the impression that "West of the Mississippi is San Diego, and East of the Mississippi is Parris Island" So I have been researching all about Parris Island, and this is where I would prefer to go. However, I've been told that Wisconsin goes to SD, is this true? And if so, would I be able to request Parris Island, since WI is really East of the Mississippi? I've heard about the family history thing, but unfortunately, I'm the only person in my family to ever consider the military. The closest person I know is a very good family friend who went to Parris Island. Is this close enough for the request to go through?

    Thanks a lot for your time,

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    you don't have to be a certain age to go and talk with a recruiter but in order for you to enlist you have to be at least 17 and a senior in high school. how ever if I were you I would go and talk to him now. you can start doing some things with him to get you ready to enlist. as for Wisconsin going to PI sense it is on the east of the Mississippi I would assume it goes to PI but im not 100% sure which is another good reason to go and talk with a recruiter now. he can answer any questions you might have. I don't think a family friend is enough to get you sent where you want to go though. good luck and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Semper Fi

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    Id say wait until you begin your senior year to talk to him; just enjoy high school life for now. You'll have a full year to prepare for bootcamp in Spetember. Also, Milwaukee is in the 9th Marine Corps District; 9th sends its male recruits to MCRD San Diego. Unless you had a family member who went thru Parris Island, you cant really request to go there. Either way, the end product is the same; you'll be a Marine. Good luck, kep us posted.

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