Platoon 3034,1981,MCRD,San Diego.
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    Platoon 3034,1981,MCRD,San Diego.

    Looking for my Drill Instructors,Sergeants Baez,Ferris and Flynn.Also any member of Plt.3034,MIKE Co.1981.

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    Ran into Baez walking out of a Mexican restaurant in San Diego in 2003? I was a CDR in the Navy and XO of my squadron and when I heard his voice I almost braced He was in his last tour at MarForPac in Hawaii.

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    Are you the Pvt Gibbons of my platoon????

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    Yes. Did 5 years in Madison Wisconsin with my reserve unit, then joined the Navy to fly(Marines didn't need any pilots). Retired out of Navy reserve in March 2013.

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    I was from Muscoda Wisconsin and joined the Marine reserve with Faga and Victora. I remember the Pvt. Franklin tragedy while we were at the rifle range(pistol).

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    This is great!To hear from a fellow recruit was the best birthday present I could get.I'm 66 years old today .I remember Faga,our Drill Instructors called him Fagott.What did you think of boot-camp?

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    "Old Man " Plt #3034 , do you remember Pratt ? I do remember you!

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    Yes,I remember Pvt.Pratt,from Maui,HI.He was Platoon Guide for a while.

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