Aviation Elctronincs technician.. or reserve?
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    Aviation Elctronincs technician.. or reserve?


    I'm new in the forum, so I apologize if I mess up somehow.

    I've got my contract for Avionics technician. But I'm not sure if I want to be tied to a contract for five years.

    I want to be a Marine, that's a sure thing. But honestly I plan on going to college and get a job spend time with my future wife and family.. etc... more like a civilian.

    I want the skills this MOS offers, I always messed with electrical equipment, so I was really excited when my recruiter told me the good news,

    Also I wanna ask you the following questions.

    1. Should I definitely follow this MOS?

    I'd greatly appreciate this answer from an AET Marine.

    2. I would like to ask for alternative MOS as a reservist that help for a civilian life. (mechanics, Technician, etc...

    3. If I graduate boot camp as a reserve, and then I decided to switch to active duty again would I lost the opportunity to get this MOS again?

    I Know some of you Marines Would say: 'Focus on graduating first.'

    But, I'm motivated to be a marine, so there is no need for that advice. I've been wanting this, now it's just the commitment for 5 years, or get married and do other things.

    Thank you for reading me.

    Hopefully y'all can share some knowledge with this poolee.

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    My MOS is 6336 C130 O level Avionics Technician, what exactly do you want to know about it?

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