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    Poolee injury

    My son was injured at his Poolee function, knocking one of his front teeth out. (One of The pointy "vampire" teeth). My question is, can he be disqualified for this? He has an AG contract and will have to have a flight physical from what I understand. Should we pay to replace the tooth ( couple $1000) or wait til he's in to fix
    Thank tou

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    Should speak with his recruiter first thing Monday, to find out. Maybe others here can help too

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    Only thing I ever saw Dental do in Boot Camp was pull teeth. Never did see any teeth installed. Don't know much about poolee's as they never had such an animal when I was active duty.

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    when I was in boot camp there was a kid who fell and knocked his front tooth out and they sent him to dental where they just cleaned him up. he didn't get dropped and graduated with us so I think that if it doesn't affect his ability to perform then there shouldn't be a problem but still talk to the recruiter. good luck

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    Dental will not effect his physical at NAMI when and if he arrives in Pensacola for his Aircrew training

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    He will be okay for now but once they get ready for deployment he will have to get it fixed. I was dental liason for my BN and I had to make alot of dental apptments.
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