Everly Brothers show at ITR 1962
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    Everly Brothers show at ITR 1962

    Ok, here's one for Old Salts: Who remembers 1962, when the Everly Brothers, at the top of their game, going through ITR performed along with some beautiful young ladies called the Twisters, at the outdoor theater at Camp San Onofre (ITR was at San Onofre...right??) What a treat!!! Don and Phil were regular guys in Boot Camp as well as ITR. I was in 2nd Bn. when they were in 1st Bn. (I think) although it could have been 3rd Bn. not sure. MCRD. San Diego.

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    ITR was at San Onofre... Correct...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxtrotOscar View Post
    ITR was at San Onofre... Correct...
    Formerly known as Tent Camp #2.

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    They beat me by a little over six months. They went through boot camp in late '61/early '62. I didn't start boot camp until 28June1962. The Everly Brothers were certainly among my favorites of the era.

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    I saw the Everely Brothers standing in line in bootcamp, 1961. They were great singers.

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    Great entertainers as well as American Patriots. Yes, San Onofre.....a great place to hump hills.

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