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    Quote Originally Posted by josephd View Post
    I am not your son; you don't know me and what I am capable of so please don't tell me what I couldn't handle because of my attitude, which there isn't at all. See I do my research and am well educated on the Marines of the past from birth to present. You obviously don't care to know what Marines still do to this day because all you can do is trash your own heritage.

    This isn't a pizzing match at all, this is me hitting black from the 500yard line and you wetting your depends. Had you come in here or any other thread that you make ignorant comments on with some reasoning behind your words and some researched facts behind that reasoning then I'd be willing to hear you and possibly agree.
    You are right, you are not my son. I would never claim you as such. My sons respect their elders and are much older than you are. Fact is I have grandchildren who are older than you.

    You can hit the black at 500 yds, WOW, what a killer you are. FTO might be a good idea if you closed this thread.

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    My Drill Instructors told us to avoid wearing your uniform off base and especially when traveling bc it makes you a target. Yes I know this thread is probably long dead.

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    I love to get dressed up and go find a women,it was the way I was brought up I couldnt look like a a ragamuffin. My mom alway taught me to dress neat and look neat.

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    WOW, doc. I haven't heard ragamuffin in a LONG time. But there is something to be said about looking Your best when Your looking for Ladies !!! Or taking Your Wife or Girlfriend out on the Town. My Granddaughters get a kick out of it when I treat them to a outing. And I get cleaned-up for them...

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    Old Marine I can assure you that this guy is not representative of the way Marines of this generation are supposed to act. Nothing a trip behind the hut couldn't cure. In fact I personally would be happy to do it.

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    If you want to see many examples of inappropriate civilian attire, just visit Jacksonville, NC. On weekends, at the home improvements stores, large box stores and just around the area in general, you will see active duty Marines in a host of inappropriate civilian attire. More disturbing is that many o them are SNCO's and Officers. Even more disturbing is how many SNCO's and Officers see these violations and look the other way.

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    Just for my own edification and clarification; what exactly are the regs concerning the wearing of civies during off duty hours? It has been fifty(50) years since I was governed by Marine regulations. However, I witnessed changes in 1986 when my son joined the Marines. It was lax compared to when I was in. Too lax IMO.


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    1. Authority

    a. The CMC has extended the privilege ofwearing civilian clothing to
    officers and enlisted Marines within thelimitations of these regulations.
    b. The possession and wearing of civilianclothing by Marines may be
    prescribed by commanders for militaryreasons. In prescribing civilian
    clothing, commanders will be guided by thecurrent edition of MCO P10120.28
    and directives of higher authority.

    2. Within the United States

    >Ch 5 a. Marines are associatedand identified with the Marine Corps in and
    out of uniform, and when on or off duty.Therefore, when civilianclothing
    isworn, Marines will ensure that their dress and personal appearance are
    conservativeand commensurate with the high standards traditionally
    associatedwith the Marine Corps.Revealing clothing (i.e. clothing that
    exposes midriff, thebuttocks, excessive amounts of chest/cleavage) or items
    designed to be worn asundergarments (and worn exposed) are not authorized
    for civilian attire, whileon or off duty. When wearing trousers with
    civilian attire, a belt mustbe worn (unless there are no belt loops).
    Trousers will be worn at thewaist. Undergarments, when worn, will not be
    visible, except as when theundershirt is exposed in a manner similar to the
    service “C” uniform.Civilian attire, including undershirts, should be worn
    as appropriate to theoccasion (i.e. bathing suit/bikini appropriate to the
    beach/pool but not to theMarine Corps Exchange). Commanders are charged
    with determining andpublishing the local civilian clothing policy. No
    eccentricities of dress will be permitted. Whenonboard a military
    installation, civilianheadgear will be removed indoors in accordance with
    established norms. MARADMIN504/07 & MARADMIN 322/05
    b. Marines may wear civilian clothing when inan off-duty status, when
    directed by competent authority, and asotherwise authorized herein. Within
    the confines of a military base or a DoDinstallation, civilian clothing will
    be worn subject to local regulations.
    c. When civilian clothing has been authorizedby competent authority for
    wear in a duty status in lieu of a uniform,the civilian clothing will be of
    the same comparable degree of formality asthe uniform prescribed for such
    duty. Standards of dress and appearance willbe conservative and meet the
    same high standards established for personnelin uniform.
    d. The wear of clothing articles not specifically designed to be
    normallyworn as headgear (e.g. bandannas, doo rags) is prohibited.
    e. No part of a prescribed uniform, exceptthose items not exclusively
    military in character, will be worn withcivilian clothing.
    >Ch 5 (1) Items authorized forwear with civilian clothing by men are
    restricted to the gold cuff links, studs, tiebar, mourning band, footwear,
    socks, gloves, undergarments (the greenundershirt may only be worn for PT),
    black bow-tie, green wool scarf, generalpurpose trunks, and crew neck-
    service sweater, the all-weather coat, tankerjacket, the dress blue sweater
    without insignia of grade(with or without epaulettes), watch caps, and cold
    weather physical training uniforms (onlyworn as a set for PT situations, for
    non-PT situations, only thesweatshirt or running suit jacket maybe worn as
    an outergarment or as alayering garment). ALMAR 019/08
    >Ch 5 (2) Uniform items authorizedfor wear with civilian clothing by women
    are restricted to the white shirt withoutinsignia of grade, footwear,
    gloves, green undershirt (for physicaltraining only), handbag, clutch purse,
    mourning band, crew-neck service sweaters,green wool scarf, general purpose
    trunks, the all-weather coat, tanker jacketor the dress blue sweater without
    insignia of grade (with orwithout epaulettes),watch caps, and cold weather
    physical training and Marine Corps runningsuits (only worn as a set for PT
    situations, for non-PTsituations, only the sweatshirt or running suit jacket
    maybe worn as anoutergarment or as a layering garment). ALMAR 019/08

    (3) Uniform items that have been declaredobsolete may be worn with
    civilian clothing, when appropriate, providedsuch items contain no
    distinctive insignia or buttons.

    c. Civilian clothes will reflect in style andquality the service "C"
    uniform. Non-inclusive examples ofappropriate civilian attire:

    (1) shirt or blouse with a collar,
    (2) trousers/slacks with a belt (ifapplicable), and
    (3) socks and shoes.

    d. Examples of inappropriate civilian attire:
    (1) beach or swim wear,
    (2) gym or sweat gear,
    (3) tank tops,
    (4) short shorts,
    (5) ripped or torn clothing,
    (6) garments designed as underwear,
    (7) clothing with designs of an obscene orsuggestive nature, and
    (8) shower shoes/flip-flops.

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    Thanks Sergeant Major.


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    Roger that, most welcome.

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