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    First hello everyone first time on the site. Figured this would the best way to reach the community in what I am looking for. Currently in Illinois and in search of Dress Blues. Jacket. Pants everything. I called the NEX in Great Lakes since that's the closest thing to a base near me (I'm in Chicago) they told me they don't carry jackets and have a limited supply of trousers. My questions was if anyone has just gone to a regular tailor and gotten measured then bought everything online and had the tailor make everything to specs. Guess my main concern is trusting a tailor that's not on a military base, I know that is their job, bus has anyone had experience doing this? Ordering online going to a local tailor and having everything be fine. Thanks agin

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    Yes, that is what I have to do being in the reserves. Just be sure to be very clear to the tailor on what needs to be done and how to do it......and you're not gonna pay for it if they f**k it up

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    Lol, fair enough thanks for the in site

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    There was a time when I was stationed at Marine Corps Supply Center in Barstow, Ca.
    This was in 1963 - 1965. I worked at the Clothing and Cash Sales store and we had a mail order business where we sent Marine Clothing to all reserve units that were west of the Mississippi. Contact Clothing Cash Sales at MCSC, Barstow, Ca. maybe they are still doing the Mail Order business. It's been almost 50 years, but you never know.

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