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    USMC Matrix

    ​Can we send our recruit in bootcamp the matrix in a letter ? I'm not sure but they asked for it, thank you to all who can answer

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    send him whatever you want, its not you who is going to get hazed when they find it. he/she just asked for it so they can try and track which training day they are on i am guessing. Everyone who steps foot in those footprints is just counting the days till they can get off that island, or out of SD.

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    Always very sad to see helicopter parenting.

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    I think the better question is, should you send your son his training matrix? The answer is no. His DI will most certainly not appreciate it. Don't give his DI any excuse to single out your son. Send upbeat letters of encouragement and how proud you are of him. When our son was at MCRDSD he also suggested sending letters containing sports news. We sent him NFL scores NASCAR updates and other light news that we knew would keep his morale high. That was 31/2 years ago, he still has the letters. Good luck to your son.

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    As Pjones implied,let these kids go to boot camp without parents breathing down their necks. They probably joined, at least in part, to be on their own.

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