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    Exclamation Are you allowed to?

    do push ups on your fist in basic. I can do them palm and fist style but I feel more comfortable and stronger on my fists. would this be a problem? thanks for the help guys.

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    No ! besides your knuckles would be bone after a couple weeks

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    ha that makes sense ohh well figured I would ask thank you for the reply.

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    Basic ??? There is nothing Basic about Marine Corps Boot Camp !!!

    No drop and give me a hundred !!!

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    I Leave For Boot Camp In Five Days Any Advice.?

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Don't do push ups on your fists! Good luck!

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    Heres some great advice that no one ever heeds but youll figure it out when you get there. Scream your lungs out and for the love of god shut the hell up.

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    Start doing them on your palms, because there's no way you'll be doing them on your fists in boot camp. Also there's nothing basic about boot camp. For starters, the push ups are going to be twice the effort.

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    He doesn't know about "The name of the game is together," what an eye opener that will be.

    Also, during some of his free time he can do knuckle pushups on his own.

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