Blood stripe issueance
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    Blood stripe issueance

    So when i was promoted the staff nco who was there reading the promotion warrants told me after the promotion that they used to issue you your first set of blood stripes, they'd throw them over your neck after you got promoted.

    I was wondering when this stopped being a tradition? I wasnt presented with any when i was promoted, im foreward right now and they are saying none are with the original promotion warrant i know they are only like 5 - 10 bucks just wondering when this stopped being a tradition? Is it still a tradition and just an 03 one?

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    I am pretty sure we did this in Oki. This was 2000 though.

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    That probably came from the 3rd stool on the right. By the way the correct nomenclature is not Blood Stripe. Some may call it that, but it is incorrect.

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    Interesting as this is, I have never heard of this "Tradition"... Until now...

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    Neither have I.
    I know about getting the blood stripe "pinned" on you tho...

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    Yeppers, the "Pinning" was a joyful/painfull experience though...

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