Want to be MP but stuck in Legal Admin
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    Want to be MP but stuck in Legal Admin

    I'm currently in the DEP and I ship out January 25 2015. I want to be an MP in the Marines but my recruiter told me there is only a radio operator and legal admin job open for my ship date and I've been assigned legal admin. I relize my job is based on the need of the corps but I really want to be an MP. What can I do? Can anyone help me?

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Don't ship until you get what you want.....Nobody on this site help you....this is between you...the recruiter.....and HQMC. But you can wait until a job opens up you want.....you need to have a pow wow with your recruiter.....or the RSS NCOIC. Good luck!

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    Tell'um,,, IT's YOUR WAY -
    or the HighWay

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    As both of the above have stated, don't ship out then or you might be stuck doing something you don't enjoy. I went in for public affairs but my moronic 18 year old self didn't pay attention to paperwork and ended up finding out at the end of MCT I was going to Aberdeen to learn all the fun of being an armorer. I ended up liking my job a lot but it could have gone differently. Make choices while you still can and good luck.

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    I was an MP back when there was no MOS for it, I really enjoyed it. I had to leave it though to save myself, kinda like putting the fox in the henhouse. They had me riding the base housing patrol.

    Most of us Nam guys went in on open contract, luck of the draw. You have a choice today, if your recruiter tells you that you can apply for a change after you sign the papers DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. Now, it is possible, but highly unlikely.

    Marines stick to their guns there wanna-B. Stick to your guns.

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    I am an MP. My recruiter told me there wasn't a spot available in the MP field and that I would have to pick something else. So I told him that I was either going to be enlisted going into the 5800 field or I wasn't going to enlist. Guess what? He made that happen real quick.

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    The Marine Corps shouldn't promise you anything but instead offer you a chance to be a Marine.
    However I see where you're coming from, if I were you and if all else fails; go for the 0621 Field Radio Operator spot. If you really really want to be an MP (because chances are that after you EAS; you can just as easily be a cop due to your service as a Marine) - wait for the spot to open up.

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    If it is attached to your ship date then tell them if you have to change your ship date to get the MOS you are seeking.

    I dont know if people here who are giving you advice to basically no balls your recruiter into getting your desired mos are aware that a lot of times the ship date attached to your desired mos also coincides with the start date of your MOS school.

    So unless someone gives up their slot as an MP or they magically need more MP's you may have to wait longer but bear in mind someone correct me if i am wrong you can not stay in the DEP for longer than I believe 1 year or you will have to re-dep.

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    Correct. A poolee can only remain in the DEP for 365 days. After that, they must be discharged and begin the process all over again. Be careful about playing hardball with your recruiter - it's easy for those who did and it worked out for them to advise that (did not work that way for everyone). The USMC is shrinking by 5,000 bodies in 2015 and another 5,000 next year. Recruiters can afford to pick-and-choose who they give a contract to these days. Just because someone is eligible to enlist does not mean they will ever be afforded that opportunity. Most recruiters today have the attitude "what can you offer the USMC; not what the USMC can offer you". Good luck with your decision. Let us know how it works out.

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    Sounds like a easy job for recruiters, shouldn't have a problem meeting quotas, Semper Fidelis.

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