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    I scored an 82
    06xx Comm

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    I scored a 97 AFQT, I'd LOVE to go for the Female Engagment Team - but I'm not seeing that in the cards for me with my 8 month old here in AL - so 2111 Armorrer it is.

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    Update from last time. 93 AFQT, and my new contract is for metoc/magtf or 68xx/05xx. Shipping sometime in August, don't have the exact day yet

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    I scored an 88 on the ASVAB with a 127 GT score and am on a UH infantry contract. I was originally on combat support as there were no 03 openings but this past week one opened up and my recruiter jumped on it for me. Needless to say I'm quite happy.

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    99 ASVAB

    267x Crypto Linguist

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    You probably don't want to be a linguist. Most linguists I know hate their job, barely speak their language, and are closed out for promotions except... 71s I think. On the other hand all the 21s and 51s I know like their job and have decent promotions(esp the 21s). Sign a DD contract. You will still be sigint. Just a better side of it.

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    77, gt over 120, mos field 58xx military police and corrections. Got one of the very few slots for that for 2013.

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    Hi my name is Jared, i scored a 79 when i took the ASVAB. I have been talking to my OSO and we originally set up a PLC-Ground contract, but he said that I could try and take the Flight test and we could switch my Ground contract to an Air contract. Hopefully I can pass the flight test and get into flight school. I leave for my first phase of boot on June 2nd.

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    99 ASVAB
    124 DLAB
    Crypto linguist 267x

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    I didn't score to well, can't remember. Anyways, going in infantry, ship out July 22, 2013.

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    Austin here, new to the site. Scored a 91. Torn between something with data systems and infantry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arzola2013 View Post
    Austin here, new to the site. Scored a 91. Torn between something with data systems and infantry.
    When's your boot if you know? And welcome to the site Austin.

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    I ship out September 9th! I like the date because it gives me the summer to condition myself along with the other Poolees at my RSS. And thank you! I've browsed through the site for awhile now and just made an account. I plan to visit every day! Nice to meet you Andrew.

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    Hey there,

    I scored a 96 on the ASVAB and signed a crypto linguist contract. Originally, I wanted to do that for the USAF-- (and lied about what I'd actually be doing in this MOS) and so I went and talked to the Marines. Haven't looked back.

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