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    sirmess1, what MOS do you want? Tell me its something that isn't going to waste your tallents if you scored a 98 on the ASVAB. You should go where you are going to enjoy yourself and be a signifigant contribution to the Marine Corps. Just my 2 cents .

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    Im from Wa state, got an 81 on the ASVAB my mos is LAAD gunner

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    im 16 just took the ASVAB scored a 57 and i plan on being an MP

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    heh devil pup looks like you missed a spot. ... my plans are simple .. graduate VMI with a major in computer science and a minor in International Studies then on to Law school to get a JD Degree to become a Lawyer in the USMC in JAG .. then when the opportunity presents itself I'll be in the candidacy ... I'll be the senior class of 03' .... looks like I'll see ya round'... Hoorah!

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    I'm going in for infantry. I'm also an 03 senior.

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    i scored a 73 and my MOS is Construction/Utilities. Engineers 'Construction and Destruction!'

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    dep walker then your mos would be a 8541 good luck ever shat a m40a1 before?

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    99 AFQT, 140's across the board on the qualifying scores, including GT. MOS is Data Systems.

    Could this thread get stickied?

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    Wow, I was so confused with the first few posts, people saying they were 18 and taking the asvab recently and using the Corporal avatar. Then I looked at the date of the posts. This is an old bump.

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    Yeah, found it by searching for info on the ASVAB. That's why I wanted it stickied because it's been around a while.

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    I scored a 35 ( I took it my soph year didnt really try on it, I used the ASVAB as a last resort and the Marine Corps isnt a last resort I know this would be the best thing i can do in my life) and my mos is 03xx.

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    got a 67

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    30xx....or if I'm talking with my recruiter "Charlie Charlie"...not sure what that means...I know it means CC, but I don't know what that code is for

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