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    A couple of other recommendations in the area of mystery/suspense/crime novels. Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series, Harlan Coben, Dean Koontz, Lee Child.

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    Highly recommend Lexington And Concord by Arthur Tourtellot....all about how the United States started to become a separate country.....very vivid writing and very spellbinding

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    I have been reading the Killing books by Bill O'Reilly as of late. I would recommend Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink to everyone. Great Read!

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    Concerning outstanding biographies of Lincoln, see those by Benjamin P. Thomas, Stephen B. Oates, Ronald C. White. For speeches and letters see a large paperback volume edited by Roy S. Basler.

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    The one book I've read the most is Twelve Years A Slave....Solomon Northup. A free black man from New York state, kidnapped and sold to plantation owners in Louisiana. ...I read this book at least 10 times since discovering it in a library by accident. ..I've never read anything as dramatic as this slave narrative. ...highly recommended. ....the Louisiana State University Press publishes the only annotated edition available....those notes are crucial to understanding what happened

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    I've been on a SciFi/Fantasy tear lately. Don't know why, just am. I've also been reading several survival medical books lately too. Brushing up on my medical knowledge "just in case." I also got a book on dental care in the absence of a dentist.

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    That sounds interesting, Chris...and, sci fi is great reading

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    Mystery writer Rex Stout wrote about fictional private detective Nero Wolfe, ranging from Fer de Lance in the 1930s up to and including the 1960s. There are about 60 or 70 titles. Very well written and very interesting. I'm reading "Champagne For One" about a murder that takes place within sight and hearing of several people at a party, right in front of their eyes, and no one can figure out who did it, until much later.

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    Along those same lines, a murder mystery about 10 people at a get together in a home on an island, all invited guests, and one by one they are murdered. No suspects for a very long time. Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None", originally titled "Ten Little Indians". May be her best novel.

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    An outstanding one-volume history of the Civil War is "This Hallowed Ground", by Bruce Catton.

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    American Civil War----Bruce Catton came out with a 3 volume trilogy concerning the Centennial History of the Civil War---Vol 1 is The Coming Fury, Vol 2 is Terrible Swift Sword, and Vol 3 is Never Call Retreat.

    For a 3 volume narrative, more from the Southern perspective, see massive volumes, three of them, by Shelby Foote.

    Catton also has two other trilogies: One about Grant, and one about The Army of The Potomac. Each contains 3 volumes.

    And as mentioned above, one volume considered to be one of the very best one-volume histories of the Civil War---This Hallowed Ground---by Bruce Catton.

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    Just complete "Without Cloak or Dagger" by Miles Copeland. It is a rough read but contains a ton of information about espionage. It is written much like a textbook and comes with an appendix and index. With all the talk about Russian meddling, this book brings into focus just how the spy game is really played. Even though it was written a few decades ago, the ideas still apply and only the technology has changed. The section on misinformation was interesting. Even before the internet, Russians were putting out information for both sides of the American political parties. It may be hard to find. I am trying to find Copeland's "Games of Nations" right now. The copies I have located are very expensive.

    I also finished the latest W.E.B. Griffin & William E. Buttterworth IV novel, "Death at Nuremberg." It is about post WWII espionage set in Germany and the Nuremberg Trials. Outstanding book.

    Time for a change of pace . . back to John Grisham for a bit.

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