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    Have you ever read a book twice, or more than twice? I have, but on rare occasions. One book I read at least 10 times over the years, discovered it by accident in a public library of a major city. Just saw it there. Twelve Years a Slave--Solomon Northup. Made into a movie, but this was about 1970 when I found it on a library shelf. Since then I've read it at least 10 times. It is the most dramatic and interesting thing I've read.....another series of books I read twice is John D. MacDonald's 21 title Travis McGee series, each title has a color in it. The Deep Blue Goodbye, The Lonely Silver Rain. This is about a private detective and it's very very interesting reading. There are 21 novels in the series, as I mentioned. Highly recommended. I read each of them twice, over the years.

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    Another very interesting and hard to put down narrative is available online for free. The Narrative of Mary Rowlandson. In 1675 she and her children were captured by Indians and moved around from place to place until they were ransomed. The narrative is something you will find almost impossible to stop reading, once you start. As I said, available at no charge on the Internet. Not a long narrative, but again, one of the most dramatic and interesting true stories I have ever come across. Have read this probably five or six times over the years.

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    I have read most of W.E.B. Griffin books more then once.

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    Those are all great books, George.

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    I just got "On Valor's Side" on amazon kindle device for just 2.99

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