What Book(s) Are You Reading Lately?
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    USMC 2571
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    What Book(s) Are You Reading Lately?

    Some of Clive Cussler's books, then the one I'm on now is yet another Louis L'Amour western, one of his earlier ones, Showdown At Yellow Butte, extremely good writing and plot.

    What about you folks?

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    Hi Dave. Just finished my 3rd reading of " Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader ", " Plunges into History " Histerical !!!. Made for when your on the ****ter and that I am a lot LOL.

    I rate it 2 thumbs up

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    USMC 2571
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    Hi Jimmy----started on "Key-Lock Man" today, the first novel I ever read by Louis L'Amour, years ago. My 8th grade teacher from 1960 recommended him to me around 1995 or so, at that time I had not read any of his approx. 80 or so novels, but they're so good I've read 50 so far.

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    Hi Dave -- I must be addicted (seriously). If anyone want a Kindle book about Vietnam, grunts, BS, and other assorted stories, let me know. I think I can send e-copies to you. It's soooo easy to "Buy" e-books!

    Semper fi,

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    I follow a variety of writers.
    WEB Griffin-Good writer, keeps you involved;mainly military across all services;read them all.
    David Baldacci-Good writer; read them all
    Stuart Woods-used to be a good writer; now his books have been cookie cutter; similar plots etc;
    James Lee Burkes-Good writer;various characters; but every book a good read
    John Grisham-A former Miss. Legislator and Lawyer and friend.

    I generally read two/three books at the same time.

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    I can send you list of books read PM. You can choose. BTW, see that you are from MS. What part? I grew up in Delta, Cleveland & Shaw in 50s.?

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    USMC 2571
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    Hi Frank and Mitch---Baldacci, never read him but I know he's a great writer. Burke, have read quite a few Dave Robicheaux series books by him. Read only one Griffin book, in the USMC series. You might want to explore Barry Eisler, not well known but has a series out, the John Rain series, truly suspenseful and interesting. Another guy is the writer of the Prey series, John Sandford. Those deal with quite brutal subjects, I read all of them so far except the very latest title, but can't read two in a row, need a break from that. Many other recommendations, but will get out my lists and make a list here, of authors, at some point.

    I read one thing after another, maybe 60 to 70 or more books per year, no speed reading, no hurry---just like to read....In 2000 I started compiling a list of books read, right up to 2014---helps me see clearly what I gravitate toward and also areas I never delve into but maybe should. I'll make a list of fiction authors from those lists just to throw them out here for possible recommendations.

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    USMC 2571
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    Mitch, that's really something, knowing John Grisham personally.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    I am reading Marvel comic book #69 "The Amazing Phantom Blooper"

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    Frank; I know exactlywhere Cleveland and Shaw is. I love the Delta and it's people. I have friends in Cleveland and Greenville. My company sponsored BB King's homecoming for eight or nine years in Indianola. Glad to see another Mississipian on here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC2571 View Post
    Mitch, that's really something, knowing John Grisham personally.
    Dave; John was always approachable. He was a Legislator, and I was a Governmental/Legal Affairs person. I also have an original copy of a "Time to Kill", that he was selling them for $5.00 a copy out of his trunk at the Capitol. He now splits his time between Miss. & Virginia.

    He is a better writer than he was a Lawyer or a Legislator.

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    USMC 2571
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    Amazing. Three degrees of separation? Less than that! If you were in Indianola, you definitely know where Shaw is. Our Class of 64 just had reunion at the Cleveland country club. Couldn't go this time. That being we're getting old as coons, not sure if another reunion planned. If you grew up around the Delta, I'm sure we'd find common friends, acquaintances.

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    Frank, I was raised in south Mississippi re; Laurel, and really never knew the beauty of the Delta. It wasn't until 88 that I was really exposed to it. I have a lot of friends from Clarksdale, Cleveland, Leland, Greenville, Indianola, Greenwood, etc;.

    The beauty of the Delta to me was it's entirety, re; the farming and the people. I was involved in the Casino Revolution in Tunica and I spent alot of time getting to know what the Delta was all about. Hopefully, someday, you and I can meet and discuss it at length.

    Semper Fi!

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    Great discussion, see what some reading leads to...???

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