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    Both books The Earth is Weeping and Navy Medicine in Viet Nam sound very interesting.

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    "The Hell Bent Kid"---by Charles O. Locke---The organization Western Writers of America calls it one of the best westerns ever written. I had never heard of the author, but reading it now, I can see why it is highly recommended.

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    I'm reading 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson. The author is a Canadian psychologist and professor at the Univ of Toronto. He is dead set against all the politically correct crap going on, gender bender stuff, free speech infringement, etc.

    The Second Amendment isn't as big a deal with him as they don't have such a thing in Canada, although he understands why it is to Americans. He grew up in rural Alberta, so he is well familiar with guns. He is anti-Nazi, rabidly anti-communist/Marxist/socialist. He is very learned about Christianity, although he readily admits he doesn't know as much as he should about Islam. He does think Islam is more of an authoritative political system than a religious one.

    There are a ton of vids of him on YouTube, some debates with radical liberals, some of his lectures at the university (which are always packed), TV interviews, etc. He is not a guy to go into a battle of wits against unarmed, which most of the liberals are. I recommend you guys watch some of his vids. I doubt you will come away disagreeing with him.

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    "Will Tanner-U.S. Deputy Marshal"---by William W. Johnstone--a series, but this is the first volume in that series. Johnstone has many other westerns to his credit besides the Will Tanner series. Very highly recommended.

    I highly recommend this book and any western by this author. The writing style is very different from any other westerns I've read, including the great Louis L'Amour himself, another of my all time favorite authors of westerns.
    You say you don't care for westerns. Like L'Amour, this author writes so that although the story is SET in the West, it is actually timeless, and could happen anywhere, under different circumstances and surroundings. The best westerns are more about human nature and interaction than they are strictly about The West. Just something to consider.

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    Anything by Clive Cussler.....all his books are good.

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    Book coming out, not yet in print. "The Captain who raised questions".

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