Learning about my grandfather, please help!
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    Learning about my grandfather, please help!

    Hello All!

    I am trying to compile all of my grandfather's military history from WWII. He was Marine for 38 years and retired with the rank of Master Gunnery Sgt. Unfortunately, he passed away last summer without speaking much about his time in the Pacific. I do know that he enlisted in 1943 and spent time during the war on Guadalcanal, Guam in and China.
    I have located some of the muster rolls from that time frame, but (excuse my ignorance) am not sure how to use that information to help pinpoint where he was and when; I also have no information on a company that he was attached to. I was hoping by posting the information I gathered, one of you may be of some assistance in this search. I apologize if I have used any incorrect terminology or anything of the sort in my post. Thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to help!! That being said, here's what I've got:
    (These first few, I know the location but wasn't sure if they were relevant once deployed)

    July 1943
    Third Recruit Battalion, Recruit Depot, MCB, San Diego, California

    October 1943
    Telephone Company, Signal Battalion, MCB, San Diego, 40, California

    January 1944
    First Field ARTY-BTRY, ARTY, BN, TC, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California

    April 1944
    AA ARTY GRP, 14th DefBn., III CorpsArty, III PhibCorps, In the Field
    (Remarks for this state TpOp Lineman, as is listed in the next few rolls as well)

    July 1944
    AA ARTY GRP, 14th DefBN., III CorArty, III PhibCor, In the Field

    October 1944
    Searchlight Battery, 14th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, Reinforced

    April 1945
    Searchlight Battery, 14th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, FMF Pacific

    October 1945
    Searchlight Battery, 17th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, FMF
    (He is listed under transferred in this one)

    January 1946
    H&SCO, First Separate Engineer Battalion, Corps TRS, III Amphibious Corps, FMF

    Also, after his name on all of these is (CP) and then in remarks, the number 641 and (SS)

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    38 years ?
    It would be helpful if you posted your Grandfathers name.
    This also should be posted in " Looking for a Marine " section.

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    Thanks Baker1971- I will repost in a different section. I had thought to post there at first but since my question was more pertaining to the information from the muster rolls than searching for him or acquaintances, I changed my mind in hopes that someone with WWII knowledge would be of assistance there

    Yes sir, 38 years- he enlisted in 1943 and retired in 81 or 82. And his name was Reynold D. Law.

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    This thread has been moved to Looking for a Leatherneck...

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    God Bless your grandfather, 38 years is outstanding, Semper Fidelis.

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    Thank you for the kind words- he was very proud of his service.

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    I don't recall what the (CP) means, but the 641 was his Service Specialty Number (now called MOS--Military Occupational Specialty). The (SS) stands for Selective Service, simply meaning that he enlisted as part of one of the replacement drafts.

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