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    New Marriage

    Greetings Marines! I have quite the question. So I hate to ask this cause it looks awfully greedy, but I gotta plan financially for the future. So i am getting married in September. I live in Okinawa and my wife will live at home, which will be in the states. My orders are unaccompanied, and I PCS soon, so i will keep them that way as i don't want to extend there. so my question is, when we get married, what pay will change? I know i will have to enroll her in deers, Ipac and the like, but once it is in the system, what will happen? I know separations pay will be 250. But will BAH be for my zip in Okinawa or will it be for her Zip in the States? i have no idea where to look these things up and I greatly appreciate the help. Is there anything else that I am forgetting? If so please help. There is a possibility i will be forcefully extended in OKI another year, unaccompanied as well. Will that change anything? Thank you!

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    If you get extended I wouldn't invite Jody over very often.

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    looking for serious help, please.

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    wish I could help, but the regs have changed a lot since my day, and when I was married while in the Corps, my wife was a Marine as well She worked in Admin. and took care of everything for us..
    the people that really know what's what, should be around probably tomorrow, and some that really know what's going on haven't been here for some time.
    Good luck with your marriage and your time in the Corps, it take a special person to be a spouse of a Marine, unless your lucky like I was and She is a Jarhead as

    My Best to you Marine..

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    You should be talking to Your Admin Chief about this . And marriage in the Marines is tough, I got married 10 days before Boot Camp and She's been with Me for 33 years, 23 of which while in the Service. You both have to be willing to work at it. Best of luck to You Two...

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    Yup, sounds greedy alright...

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