New with lots of questions about joining.
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    New with lots of questions about joining.

    I'm 19 soon to be 20. Most my life I have envisioned myself as a Marine. However I had asthma growing up and had a rather extensive surgery in high school. I believe it was called a double osteotomy I may be wrong on the technical name. However for whatever reason my left tibia has a non fusion and never fully healed from my surgery. I'm currently trying to get ahold of a bone specialist to talk about the option of a bone graft. I talked to a recruiter today and he told me I wasn't a strong candidate because of my legs and the history of asthma. However there is still a chance so I can't give up. So I guess my big question is has anybody else with similar issues gotten in? What will I have to do to get in? I need to serve. I need to be a Marine if I don't I will feel like I have failed in life. Before my surgery my high school recruiter was pretty much ready to let me join he just wanted a note from my doctor about my asthma saying it's not an issue.

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    personally I don't know if you can or not. I had a complete ACL MCL repair/replace... about 2 years ago. I am currently processed through MEPS and am a poolee. I leave for MCRDSD in 26 days, I can not wait, but it took a year an half to process my paperwork and get approved never give up, if this is what you truly want. Then go for it!!!!

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