Help! How can my son be a leader at boot camp?
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    Help! How can my son be a leader at boot camp?


    My son is just about to enter phase 3 and I just got a letter that he is dong fine but is very frustrated with his platoon. He said he tries very hard to help others but they just don't listen and are constantly messing up. He said they got "unbloused and buttoned up for 2 days." My son wants to be a leader but he says he doesn't know if he could handle how to help the recruits who don't know what they are doing. He says the current squad leaders get killed because of the mistakes being made. I don't think he should back down from the challenge of being a leader and finding a way to to help these other recruits find and develop their strengths and help his platoon to be the best. Do you have any helpful tips for him on how to help other recruits who are really having a hard time doing their duties and to be an effective leader in his platoon?
    I appreciate your time and help!

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    The real test will be when he gets to the fleet to see how his leadership skills show, what he is going thru now is only a very small part of it, boot camp to tell you the truth they are all very green behind the ears, Semper Fidelis.

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    To your son: Leadership training starts on your first field day...Don't know if you still have to wax and buff the deck, clean & polish the urinals, mirrors, let's see how you can organize, delegate, support your peers on field day. If you can demonstrate teamwork, reach out to work with them, you got a chance to become a leader. DI's look for these character traits.

    May sound like dumb advice but think it over carefully. Can you volunteer and help your fellow poolie clean the head? Leadership skill building starts here.

    Semper fi,

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    is sometimes being an example...

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    Believe me.....if your son is a leader....his D.I.'s will notice it right away. It's one of the things they look for. Being unbloused and buttoned up is just part of boot-camp. They can always find a reason to do this.

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    Squad leaders in boot camp they go through like wildfire. They pick them and then they CAN them. Some people never become leaders because they don't feel like BABYSITTING others. Some become leaders when they really shouldn't. Thus making poor bosses. But if you're going to lead, go all the way, lead by example. Not the way its done on the outside. I personally think upbringing has alot to do with leadership skills. Were you first born, were you youngest? Were you dished out responsibilities at a young age? The Marine Corps can show you how to lead but are you really a natural leader.

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    I was always taught that leadership is leading by example.
    Wish your son good luck.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    Yes Ma'am from this Former HouseMouse your only as "Strong as Your Weakest Link"...GodSpeed 2 your Son...Semper Fidelis

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    Boot camp is designed for everyone to mess up. I cannot imagine a single day in boot camp where everyone got it right, that is not what boot camp is about. Our entire platoon once did 100 perfect whatevers, the DI's then said that someone must of screwed up, they just didn't see it so we did the whatevers again and again till there were recruits messing up.

    As was said above, if your son is a leader he will be recognized as such. If your son is holding back then he is not a leader. Just saying.

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    The exceptional leader is always thinking three steps ahead. Working to master his own environment with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise.

    How does he handle himself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations? An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations, doing his best to adjust. Even under stress and pressure!

    As a leader, one must listen...a lot! This is a given in recruit training.....but it also is a great tool in the fleet/wing. He must be willing to work to understand the needs and desires of others. A good leader asks many questions at appropriate times.... considers all options, and leads in the right direction.

    Excitement is contagious. When a leader is motivated and excited about the cause..the recruits in his platoon squad will be more inclined to follow.I am a believer in self motivation...he must motivate himself daily before he can expect others to stay motivated!

    Is he organized with his gear on a daily basis? Does he try to help and insure his fellow recruits are prepared and organized as well?


    A leader should work to be the motivator, an initiator. Show the Drill instructors that he has initiative! These are some of the Marine Corps Leadership Traits and Characteristics.These words and the above may not help get those coveted positions in boot camp ...but it will help in life and the real world! Semper Fi!

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    Have him help others when he can, but be concerned with how he is performing at boot camp.

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    He is going to graduate in a few weeks we hope. We will see then how his leadership skills worked for him and the entire platoon.

    Keep us posted please.

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