Son not getting his pay...
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    Son not getting his pay...

    My son just completed his MOS training the 2nd week of June. He then went from active duty to reserve status and reported to his reserve unit June 16. He filled out all his paperwork and his travel vouchers as instructed and turned them in.
    During Boot Camp, MCT and MOS training he was getting paid every 2 weeks. He did not receive his pay the first of June although his LES had the amount there. He did not get paid the middle of June nor the 1st of July either. He did not get his BAH for his apartment like he was getting before either.
    I understand he probably wouldn't have gotten paid for those because he didn't do any work in the Marines.
    He did his 1st weekend duty this weekend and asked about his pay and was told to 'keep on' the admin to see where it was at. He has called his unit's admin every week since he's been back and they tell his the same BS.
    It's not a great big deal because he had jobs (2 part time) that he was able to get back and work but this to me is ridiculous.
    What if he was a Marine with a family and bills and didn't get paid? That would be awful.

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    Guest Free Member Try giving this Marine a PM....he is a reservist...he might be able to give some insight. If your son was active I would be able to say where to go. But I also would have him speak in person to his company 1st Sgt about this after using his chain of command. Good luck!

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    He's on drill pay now. He will get paid following drill periods ONLY. No more 1st and 15th for your son. Usually it takes 1 week +- a few days for admin to process his pay. I'd say if he goes two weeks after a drill weekend without getting paid, he should inform his chain of command.

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    No news is good news. Everything most likely got squared-away.

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