it's been real and it's been fun, but not real fun
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    it's been real and it's been fun, but not real fun

    well Marines and other members, I am going by way of Rocky and Sgt. Lep,,, I am atta here, the place is becoming way to OC for me so if any of you want to get hold of me or keep in touch, I am on FB you can catch me there until I find another Marine site to haunt..

    going to miss a lot of you guy from here so maybe we will meet sometime in another forum or in person, God willing

    see you at the next Duty station,,, God Bless


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    Good luck and God Bless brother. Won't be long....there is another play pen in the making!

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    Pat, you've always been one of the best guys on here. I've enjoyed your posts. And you'll be missed here. Probably one reason for you to stay and see if this place revitalizes itself.

    BUT, if you're determined to leave, and cannot be talked out of it, you could do all of us a favor, and just like some folks joined on the buddy plan, when you leave, you would be doing us, this site, and the nation a favor by taking carvvy1 with you.

    From all of us you would receive the mental equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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    AND, not one of us is sitting here scratching our heads asking what you mean. We know only too well, in detail.

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    Nice knowing you irpat54 and a Panama Marine. Enjoyed your inputs here. Take care, hate to see you go. These forums turn out this way a lot. military dot com I used to go to a lot but too many jerko's over there when I was there.

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    Take care Pat. You're a good Marine, hate to see you go. Like Dave said, no explanation is needed as we all understand. If you land in a good place let us know. S/F Brother

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    Sorry to read this Pat. You were a force to be reckoned with in the political forums Brother.

    You are a good guy and a good Marine, you'll will be missed but I know what you mean from reading what is going on here for awhile now.

    Like Moongoose said another play pen is in the works I heard so stay in the loop Brother.

    Be healthy and stay safe.

    Semper Fi,

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    GodSpeed Pat hook up w/some of the other JarHeads @ the New LZ & I 2 shall be dragging My Tail End Charlie butt over there 2 Your a Dam Good Marine don't ever 4 get that ! GodBless Ya Go Easy Semper Fi

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    I was just reading the threads on the forum. Are these wannabees and Marine Friends serious with all these nonsense questions and no profiles ?

    Is anyone in charge now to clean this place up.

    Will Rocky come back ?

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    Rocky will not be back, to my knowledge, Jimmy. He was a moderator, which has more options to it than a squad leader. So he could do things they couldn't do. Nevertheless, there are some great squad leaders on here. Really outstanding.
    But as they are not moderators, the system is not set up so that squad leaders can change a poolee's status to Marine, for instance, after graduation from boot camp.

    Because of tremendous changes on the site, a lot of folks left. Rocky was one of many, but he was one of the only "moderators". You'll pick up more of this bit by bit, though. That's the general outline.

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    One other thing, Jimmy, and this is kind of important, although you would have no way of knowing this. I found out the hard way when I made some innocent smart remark in Ask A Marine and was warned, but the person I agreed with was banned from that section.

    No one is told this, and they should be. That whole section, including Ask A Marine, is sponsored by the Marine Corps Recruiting Command. That much is said at the top of the section itself. But NO one is told that fooling around in there is viewed with great disapproval. This is not generally known. Unfortunately.

    So, that is why legit questions and less than legit questions there are not openly commented upon there, generally.

    Had I known all this I never would have, a couple of years ago, made a flippant remark there (even though it was called for)---why no members are told about how Ask a Marine differs from, say, Open Squad Bay, is a very deep mystery to me

    But you should know all this before you head in there.

    Profiles at one time were considered much more important than they are now.

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    (Anyway, I wanted to answer your question here right away, but I also want to avoid hijacking this thread started by Pat, any more than we already have.
    He's a good Marine and will be missed. I sent him a PM with my contact info, and will do the same with you, Baker1971, just to avoid going into too much detail here. Look for a PM from me)

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    Pat is leaving? That's racist lol

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    Just when my boots start feeling better. Sorry to have you go, Pat. Enjoyed kabitzing with you and the other old salts.


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    Semper Fi, pat, sorry to see you go, even though I understand your reasoning... more and more of the "level" heads pulling up stakes and looking for a new place to pitch their pup tents... sad part is that this is exactly what the trolls want.....

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