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    Thanks to Corpsmen

    I want to thank all the Corpsmen,
    in 1974,I was at Ft.Sherman,Panama, for jungle training,during training I apparently got bit by the right bug and soon after leaving the night before a landing on Vieqes,PR,contracted a fairly virulent and rare Dengue fever ,I did not make the landing as I went to sick bay with chills after the movie on the USS Ponce,by morning I was sick and for two weeks I was running a fever at times up to 106 never much lower than 103 ,I was never sicker in my life and it was life threatening I suppose,they were about to ship me to the hospital at Rose roads ,but as a last resort they dunked me in a alcohol water bath with ice and it broke the fever,I can only assume it was severe ,to use that method but it was COLD but I always thank the Corpsmen for careing for me for that time .the times were unclear but it was two weeks before I was fairly recovered.

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    Holy shvt....

    That must have been a slice of hell.
    I (and you?) would have much preferred the jungle training session rather than said 'Dengue fever'.
    Never heard of it but it sounds terrible.

    So...I'll thank a Doc Vale for patching up my dumb ass and getting me med-evaced on the night of 9/11/66 @ 01:40 am.

    Carry on....

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    Thank you for your service chulaivet God Bless you for making it out,my story pales compared to yours,you are a hero.Semper Fi
    As I should have said thank you to all Corpsmen for doing your jobs so well in wartimeAND peacetime

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    No combat Corpsman will ever go home sober from a bar I haven't been kicked out of yet.

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    God Bless the Corpsman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooterj2003 View Post
    Thank you for your service chulaivet
    Back at you also Marine with the same.

    I'm humbled by your kind reference but would say all the 'heroes' are on The Wall, Arlington, etc.
    I was merely a tiny part of the Southeast Asian picnic but got to serve with Brother Marines in war and survived...what could be better.

    Looks like you were a dozen miles north of my last outpost at Nong Son SW of An Hoa.
    Ahh...those were the days.

    Baker1971...Master Guns...
    I've already rattled your cage this morning with a personal message response.

    Another day above the dirt for all of us so all is bvtching from me.
    Liberty for all this weekend!

    Time for more mud....later Marines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deduke View Post
    No combat Corpsman will ever go home sober from a bar I haven't been kicked out of yet.
    Shvt....I forgot to comment on the above.

    Great line and I endorse it completely.

    Oh...for the record...I never spent any time in Chu Lai.
    We climbed down the rope ladder from the Princeton on May 8, 1966 and convoyed north to Hill 35 being 3/5 CP.
    So...I only passed through.

    Carry on Green Mofo's....back to topic.

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    Yo BarKeep ya See that Pecker Checker there in that US Navy Uniform His Drinks are On Me AllNight GodBless 'Em Go Easy Semper Fi

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    It was an honor and privilege to be an FMF Doc for 5years plus duty during Desert Storm had no combat action, just a few scuds trown our way.I am very humbled to be in the presence of you brothers.
    Semper Fi and Godbless you and Your families.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    Hello-Doc H-GOOD to see you.Although I was at MWSG-17-I did go through some villages,where gun fire was occurring at night.It's only God that spared me.Your in a War Zone-flairs going off-it's easy to get hit.Corpsman can become the Worst Killers.Not me but others I've Met-while in Country.

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    Doc H- Happy Birthday to you,today-Just Saw it on Marines Birthdays.Your a Very Fine Person with a Really Good Heart.I Respect you,and Wish you All the Best this World,has to offer.I thought,I Was Kind-but you are MUCH Kinder,than me.You are Very Rare-and I Appreciate you-for Being you.Your a Very Good Man.God Bless you and Happy Birthday once again-Brother................

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    Combat Corpsmen,there are none better!

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    Corpsman are the Best All Hail Doc

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    I just want to thank all the corpsman past and present for there service.
    Especially Doc Alejandro. The only Corpsman I ever met who insisted on doing ALL the same training we did. He insisted on carrying a weapon (.45) and even used an M-16 at the range whenever we qualified. He had no reservations about using either one. We would ask "What about your hypocratic Oath"? He said **** that! I'll kill anyone who tries to hurt my guys. He was not afraid to get behind the 60 or Ma Deuce and crack off some rounds. He was always there right beside us thru thick and thin down in the mud or partying in town. My hats off to them.

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    Sitting on a knoll at sunset in the desert at the stumps. Lovely sunset to enjoy our C-rats by (Yes, I said LOVELY!!) Doc was on my left.
    At some point, a movement between my legs caught my attention and looking down I saw two small eyes reflecting the setting sun. As they glowed up at me they inspired me to make a closer inspection. Those eyes were magical.
    Well sir, I pick that little critter up properly, (I've been bitten by Garder snakes before so I like to avoid the fangs of any critter, regardless of it's pedigree).
    Wanting to share my find with my bud, Doc, I turned to him and stuck the little feller in his face and exclaimed with excitement, "Look what I found Doc!" At which point, to my utter bewilderment, he snatched it out of my hand and threw it as far as he could. The Marines dining on a knoll across from ours looked up at the commotion. Why would Doc do that, I never knew him to be scared of snakes? My ponderance of this was cut short because he immediatley dressed me down and all I remember of it was the word Rattle snake. At the exclamation of this word the 4 or 5 Marines sitting across from us dropped their c-rats and with one accord drew their k-bars or bayonets and dissappeared over the knoll in the direction of the snakes trajectory.
    But Doc I protested, he was just a baby, how bad could he be? To which Doc said his venom was more concentrated. But I don't know if this was true or just to put a halt to my gathering wildlife in the boonies.
    Story didn't end there as one poor soul had decided to climb into his sleeping bag before the snake incident. He wasn't far from where Doc. and I sat so he heard everything. Seconds after we thought the sanke was long gone (the hunting party had been successful) his spirit arose and climbed into the sleeping bag with the Marine. As peace once again decended upon the platoon area there was a shattering scream and the aforementioned sleeping bag came alive. Thrashing about to egress his once cozy cocoon the Marine yelled he had a snake in there with him and beat a hasty retreat from what he thought was the front line of a serpentine war. His embarressment glowed heartily when it was discovered the only thing in the bag with him was his overactive imagination.

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