Dress blue cover too?
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    Unhappy Dress blue cover too?

    I was contemplating wearing my dress blues at next Marine Corps birthday ball. Am former Vietnam vet, 100% disabled.
    Is wearing white cover and gloves required or optional? Active duty is mandatory but military now civilian?

    Semper fi,

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    Interesting question, Frank---someone will know the answer....I never even owned a set of dress blues during my whole 4 years....but good question.

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    LOL. Dave, rhe dress blues was the REASON I joined !!! Seriously, last MC Ball old salt from WWII was in his blues sitting next to his wife. Even though bent by age he still had a firm handshake. Didn't notice if he had cover at the time.

    Regarding joining to wear DBs, I made a paper doll of Marine wearing blues before joining. Painted the figure up including putting colorful touches to represent the ribbons. Fast forward four plus years later found the paper doll. Looked at the ribbon stack and would you believe it, The doll had three stacks +1, exactly what I actually earned!! Freaked me out. Like that horror movie, "Frankie" the murderous doll.

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    I would wear the cover, it's part of the uniform.
    Also, you must comply with grooming and weight standards.

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    Thanks Lisa. TG I'm still in shape and still can walk 18 holes (not always!). In 60's my cover looked boxy until a Cpl who came off embassy duty taught me how to make it look really salty (putting a "dip" in the middle). Looked nice but against dress regs. The Marines at 8th & I, etc. block theirs that way.

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    Hi Lisa! long time......

    Frank: Do you think your name and the name of that movie you mentioned......coincidence?????

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    Click image for larger version

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    The doll didn't have name. This is movie I was referring to. Remember it? I guess it could be called "Frankie"

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    Must meet weight standards to wear dress blues? That rules me out. Then again, I too never owned a set.

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    Blues are nice, I bought them, but I always preferred Alphas. My SDI called Alphas a "fighting man's uniform" and that always stuck with me for some reason.

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