Currently I have an active duty contract and Iím wanting to do a comp code change once I get the chance. My recruiter tells me I canít do so until the onto before I ship out (something along the lines of that. Iím not sure if this is absolutely true someone please let me know for sure.) I was wanting to go for a tank crewman contract but now heís telling me that I canít get that job because itís full. So he pretty much tells me now that my only option is to go active with my current contract,(not an option because I would hate that mos seeing as itís not the one I wanted) or two go for a different reserve mos which is something I really donít want to do either. He says I canít wait it out since Iím in DEP and I canít be in it for more than a year. So my big question is what can I do to get the mos I want? I feel like Iím not being told the whole truth here.

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