Prior Service Marine, looking at Marine Corps reserve possibilities
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    Prior Service Marine, looking at Marine Corps reserve possibilities

    0311, EAS'd Oct 96, end of contract was Jun 98. 39 yrs old now and I am contemplating a return to the Marine Corps reserves. Looking for input on chances or waivers I may need for the broken time and possibly age. Hope this is the right forum, none of the others areas really fit. Thanks in a advance for replies and input.

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    Wow. From my angle, it looks like you've been out too long. I remember talking to a recruiter, and they like them when they've been out no longer than say 5 years. It's hard to get back in the Corps once you've been out a while. If there is a war, then MAYBE. Looks like you've been out some 16 years. Don't take my word for it but I'd be willing to bet that the NATIONAL GUARD would take you in at the drop of a dime. There are many USMC vets in the Guard. What kind of shape are you in now? I don't think I could ever get back to USMC type shapeness ever. I'm 52.

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    I got out in 2002 from active duty Marines HMLA-269. I'm 34. The timing has not been right, but now with the kids getting older and my wife is supportive of me looking to go back in.

    I have talked to the national guard and what I can tell is that you have up until age 35 without prior service to enlist. And prior service guys have to qualify for non-regular retired pay by age 60. So that would be around 40 as max age limit to reenlist prior service. But call up a local National Guard recruiter to verify.

    Officer commisions OCS in the national guard you have to be commissioned by age 42. We as Marines will not have to do any boot camp for any other branch. I believe even at 34 I am already too old to go back in as either enlisted or officer in the Corps.

    I have a Marine friend who did 18 years got out as a gunny and had bad experiences with being attached to an army unit. But he told me that I may just have to swallow that Marine Corps pride and do what I gotta do.

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    Hello, I am using this since i cannot create my own atm for some reason. I am a CPL currently on IRR. I realize my mistake in getting out of active duty. I have tried to put a PSEP package to re-enlist through a general recruiter out in town, however I feel he is slow in action and says I have to wait until Oct. for when slots open up. I contacted a prior service recruiter but he only deals in going into the Reserves. I am told my contract ends sept. and that I need to extend he. He says the best way to go about this and re-enlist active is to extend and join local reserve unit using IRR, and submit a PSEP through career planner. I am worried I am getting jerked around a little here. My goal is to go active, not reserve, I did a little over a year after I got out active and I do not like it in comparison to being fully active. I love my job *0341* I love my Corps. I just want to get back in as quick as possible. Any help with this would be much appreciated, Thank you.

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    I got out of the Corps in 77 and went back in the Marine Corps Reserves in 90 just before the 1st gulf war, so the possibility is there... MOS's were/are 0331 primary, 8513 secondary.

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