a NUC for recruiters assistance?
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    a NUC for recruiters assistance?

    I'm new to this site and it was suggested that I ask people on here. I have heard that Marines have received a NUC for recruiters assistance. I have looked for it in the MARADMIN's but don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I did RA in 2005, a while ago I know, and wanting to know if I would rate or not. I'm just trying to put my uniform back together. Any help would be much appreciated. Semper Fi.

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    Contact this Marine..he is an active duty recruiter...he may be able to help.http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/me...08340-Huklebuk

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    I'm a Marine and should rate the Navy Unit Commendation ribbon but its not in my record or MOL.?

    I rated this ribbon because I took recruiters assistance in the qualifying dates. I try'd to see if I had orders for RA in my SRB and nothing was there. I also tried to call my MEPS station to see if they had a copy of the orders also but they only hold records for 12 months and my RA is more then 3 years ago. And I didnt make any travel claim so theres no record for that. Anyone know how I can prove that I rated this ribbon or to find a digital or printed copy of my orders when I went to Recruiters Assistance?

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    I think temporary duty does not qualify you for NUC---check the awards manual.

    • petesusn answered 6 years ago
      The Navy Unit Commendation may be awarded by the Secretary of the Navy to any unit of the Navy or Marine Corps that distinguishes itself by outstanding heroism in action against an enemy (but not sufficiently to justify the award of the Presidential Unit Citation). It may also be awarded to a unit that distinguishes itself by extremely meritorious service not involving combat (but in support of military operations), which renders that unit outstanding when compared to other units performing similar service.
      Doesn't sound like you meet the criteria.

      Navy Regs

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    Just how long do you want to ride this

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    • Devil Doc answered 6 years ago
      Im with Ohio State there. I dont think u rate it if under temporary duty. Go to USMC.mil and look at the awards manual thats how i found awards i rate. Im sure somewhere in your SRB there is something to say u did RA.


      There SWEETPEA,, i forgot this one

    you must think we're stupid...

    For you Marines who didn't know...
    This kid has asked the same question
    before, 6 years ago on askYahooWhatever...

    where the hell is MCBH anyway JON ?
    lot of gaps in your profile.

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    MORE Questions 6 years ago

    I am a Marine Infantrymen who wants to stay in the military and possibly retire. Want to better myself in education and to prepare myself better for the civilian work force.

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    You are all over this Ed. Good job
    MCBH means Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

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    Just sharing some past experience. I was on RA and I did rate a MUC provided to overall Recruiting command. This was in the mid-late 90's.

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