Decorations and Awards Beirut, Lebanon 1982
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    Decorations and Awards Beirut, Lebanon 1982

    I have been trying to find out if any awards and decorations were given to 32nd MAU in 1982. I was in MSSG H&S BAT. H&S CO Major Barnetson was my CO. and I was his driver while in Beirut. So if someone can send me official documents or info on the awards and decorations. I Thank You All for helping. Semper Fi & God Bless You All Charlie D.

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    You might contact Phantom Blooper. He's a member here and served in Beirut.

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    Front and Center Chuck, Semper Fidelis.

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    How do i go about contacting Phantom Blooper and thank you for your reply. Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Davis View Post
    How do i go about contacting Phantom Blooper and thank you for your reply. Semper Fi
    Send him a PM.

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    At the top of the page....go to Community.....then to members list......go to the P's....he's on page on him to get to his profile....then hit private message.....the rest is history!

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    Phantom Blooper
    Guest Free Member Send me a friend request and once I accept you can PM me and I can put you in contact with some Marines that maybe able to help you for that time frame. Semper-Fi!

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    Charlie, click on this link.

    This is the link to the National Archives in St. Louis.
    Request a copy of your updated DD-214 which is a DD-215 and all the awards you rate will be listed on it.

    Some medals and ribbons that you rate will be mailed to you, others you have to buy but there will be a letter with your DD-215 that tells you where you can purchase them.

    Best of luck to you.

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    I wish to thank all of you for your information, and I will be sending that request to National Archives. In the meantime, I hope that a Beirut Marine can tell me what awards and decorations was awarded to 32nd MAU so that I can write it down to show my family and a couple of friends that think i'm crazy. Well thanks again Semper Fi

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Charlie I sent you a PM

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    I went to an American Legion a long time ago, sometime after I came back from Desert Storm, with paperwork, thinking they would take me based on having been in a war zone even though I was a civilian at that time. Guy looked at me, handed me a little flyer that had the dates listed of when I served in the military. Didn't give a crap about my civilian military contract ties or anything which I did that was more adventurous than anything I did in the military.
    I started to walk away as I was reading this flyer reading Korea, WWI, WWII, Vietnam......suddenly, I see BERUIT Aug 1982-Aug 1984. It caught my eye because I was in the Corps when that went down. I said, "Oh, I remember those years, I was in the Corps, but I wasn't over there". He then said...."You don't have to have been there, just served on active duty for one day during that time period." Whaaaaaaaat? I couldn't believe it.

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