Can I switch from Active Duty to reserves before bootcamp?
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    Can I switch from Active Duty to reserves before bootcamp?

    I am currently in the Marine Corps DEP program and I want to switch my contract from active duty to reserves (6x2). The reason I plan to do this is because I want to earn a BS and then become an officer through OCS (Officer Candidate School). I thought NROTC was the only option to become an officer, and I learned this was false after I have already enlisted. Is this possible? What reaction should I expect from my recruiter?

    My bootcamp date is September 8th. (little less than 9 months from now).

    I haven't asked my recruiter yet. I guess I'm afraid if he has a negative reaction. I'm just trying to be sure this is possible before asking him.

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    Yes, it is possible. This will more than likely change your ship date though as you will have to get a new MOS. Expect your recruiter to be pi$$ed off!

    Oh! and it's spelled Sergeant not Sargent like you have in your profile

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    Thank you for the response. This affects me the most, so I have more than enough reasons to do this. And thank you for letting me know I miss spelled sergeant. Fixed it.

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    No your recruiter will not be ****ed. This is an easy thing to do. Be advised though, once u make the decision and complete the switch to reservist u won't b able to switch back. Easiest thing is just ask and tell him ur reasons why. Should b no problem.

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    If you have any questions about how the reserves work (at least for my unit, I'm a reserve MP) PM me and I'll happily answer.

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