Help with PCS(DLA related)
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    Help with PCS(DLA related)

    Good evening all,

    I am PCSing from Pendleton to Richmond, VA in March. I am not married and I love in the barracks. I am doing a DITY move because I don't have a lot of items and it just makes more sense considering I have to drive my car regardless. I was told by my IPAC that single Marines with no dependents does not rate DLA(Dislocation allowance) unless they are a E-7 or above. I looked up the joint federal travel regulations(Ch. 5 para. G) and it clearly states " service member without dependent(s) is authorized DLA when relocated ICW a PCS to a PDS where a GOV'T QTRS are not assigned " The new duty station is at a recruiting station and there are no barracks there. I am calling that command tomorrow to get a letter stating that fact. Can I get some kind of clarification on the matter? Is there a MarAdmin regarding this? Thank you for any help in advance.

    TL;DR Can a single Marine with no dependents still receive DLA regardless of rank?

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    the JFTR states that all Marines pcs'ing are authorized (with rates starting at E1) to DLA when tranferring (outside close proximity). You're admin office needs a lesson in regulations. DFAS has a link you can simply google up to find your rate. There is no rank requirement that is in any regulation on this.

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    Thank you. I brought it up with my chain of command and they stated the same thing.

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