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    Shed some light here?

    Hey guys I was just wondeirng what was all open for getting some wings, I would love to be able to fly and am possibly considering either that or the computer field. Anyone that has been in either can you guys point out some benefits for the both?

    Oh yeah, I scored an 85 on the asvab. Will that affect my rank in anyway? Or is it just to see what you qualify for?

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    Gotta Love It! Thanks ,Cook!

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    Cool Shead some light

    Ok my man first of all if you want to fly then you are on the wrong side of the Marine Corps in order to fly you have to become an officer and to do that you need to go to 4 more years of school to do that, as foor working in computers there are a bunch of different fieds out there you can do every thing from run the servers of a battalion so desigining signs for the Corps. Ask your recuiter for the ISMO MOs's or he might call them G-6.
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