The "Lady Marine" Rose..ISO information and/or photograph
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    The "Lady Marine" Rose..ISO information and/or photograph

    Hello, everyone!

    My name is Sabrina Messenger and I am one of several principle bloggers for the Woman Marines Association. The reason I am posting here is to seek some assistance in finding a picture of a specific rose that might be used in an article for the blog.

    Many years ago, when I was going through boot camp (1979), I can remember that my SDI told me of a rose especially made for the women who had served in the Corps. It was called the "Lady Marine Rose." The last time I saw it available for purchase was in 1989. Just a few days ago, I saw the rose mentioned once again in a memoir of a WWII era WM entitled "Kindred Spirit."

    So now I'm inspired to do some more searching for the elusive "Lady Marine" rose, but so far I'm not having a lot of success. So that's why I am appealing to you here at t he boards.

    Here is the information so far I have been able to retrieve about this rose:

    Orange or orange-red Hybrid Tea.
    Registration name: Lady Marine

    Bred by DeLashmutt (United States, 1981).
    Introduced in United States by Roseway Nursery Historic Archive 1980 in 1981 as 'Lady Marine'.

    Hybrid Tea.

    Orange or orange-red. Strong fragrance. 53 petals. Double (17-25 petals), high-centered bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

    USDA zone 6b through 9b (default).

    Seedling Tropicana

    What I would like to find out is the following:

    Is there anyone here who has grown this rose in their gardens? If so, would you have a picture of the bush or flower we may use at the WMA blog?

    Also, would you know where a person might obtain the rose to grow in their gardens?

    Was the rose ever advertised in Leatherneck or the Marine Corps Gazette?

    If anyone can be of help, please do private message me.

    Thanks in advance

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    A "Rose, by another name ,
    would surely smell as sweet"..

    I just ran a search/querry of LISTED phone numbers
    in Oregon,,,

    48 listings were returned...

    14 listings from the state of WASHINGTON with
    the same last name...

    IF you'd like, I can forward the information.

    There is no promise you can find a relitive of the
    breeder, or first hand cuttings,,,
    BUT in all probibibility you will succeed finding
    something that will help further in your search.

    Good Luck with it...

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    I am researching . I will try to get back to you.

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    If you get that info, post it Brother.
    I would love to have this knowledge and grow it.

    " Lady Marine " Rose

    Great thread Sabrina !!!

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    Here's a link to google books that has some additional information:

    From a book called "Above & Beyond: Former Marines Conquer the Civilian World.

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    Outstanding info !!!

    How sad though that the company went out of business and they are only in private gardens.

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    sevenzulu....thank you for your research . I haven't gotten very far with mine . I'm still waiting for info from rose garden . Maybe we can find out where Lady Cascadia can get one . Good work on what you found . Very interesting .

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    Thanks everyone who posted and for all the additional info. That "Above and Beyond" book looks fascinating. I'm going to have to see if I can order it.

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