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    Marine Down

    Obituaries Mason Texas

    Elgin Harvey (Bill) Bynum
    (October 10, 1936 - October 9, 2013)

    Joined the marines in 1954

    left in 1960

    Cold weather training 1955

    Truck co.1st Combat Service Group 1956

    Adak Alaska 1958/59

    1st FSR 13 area Camp Pen, 1959/60

    that's all that I can remember
    I have lost a very good friend I just wished that I had went to see him in Mason one last time

    Rest in peace Bill.

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    Sorry for the loss of your friend Ed.

    RIP Bill...

    Prayers Outbound for our Brother, his Family and Friends.

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    RIP Marine, Semper Fidelis.

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    ​Rest in Peace Brother Marine Semper Fi.

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    R.i.p. Marine, semper fi

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    May he rest in peace in eternal glory with the Savior ...

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    RIP Old Corps, S/Fi

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    Rest In Peace my brother may the good lord cradle you in his arms Stephen Doc HansenHM3 FMF

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    Phone calls home from Dwyer are in the hands of your Marine. My son calls maybe once a month but the connection is great with no delay. Good luck to your Marine!

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    Sorry about your loss, Ed. Years getting shorter and shorter for all. At ease.


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