How bad do you want the title?
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    How bad do you want the title?

    This is a buddy of mine from boot camp. Great dude and will be an awesome Marine. I too was medically dropped in boot camp for a few weeks, but his story is truly inspirational.

    He made it to second phase his first time around, and made it through his second boot camp and second time on the yellow foot prints, a very uncommon feat.

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    Outstanding !!!

    Semper Fi Marine,

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    He is a far better Marine than "yours truly " , as I never ever wanted to be a Marine , but since an Army sergeant down at the induction center had to throw someone under the bus after failing to get two volunteers out of 110 that day , I went along . Little did I know what my life was to have to put up with ! After making it through boot camp in the same group I stood with on those yellow footprints , thou only maybe half of us made it to graduation . I told myself that " I will not fight as Marine " after being treated so bad . Yet I still wanted to be a Nam vet , cause older drafted brother was there and he'd no doubt would call me a " coward " for not going ! I ended up in Nam in the Marines and never once fired my weapon , plus I got a honorable discharge with a RE-1 re-enlistment ( the Corps liked me ) . Today as an older Marine , am proud to of serve and regret not being a better Marine , but I can't turn back time as the Corps made me the person I am today ! For that I will be forever great full and am proud to be a brother of the Corps ! If I had to do it again , I'd of enlisted in the Army , made it a career and been a lesser man !

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    I am what I am because of the Marines. The little stint I did in the Corps, (Reservist) had a profound impact and I carry alot of it with me till this day. I owe my successfull life today as a Marine. My only regret is that I didn't go on active duty. I could have but by then, things came along and it just wasn't meant to be. I have zero veterans benefits, no home loans, no burial at a va cemetery, no healthcare benefits at the VA, but I do hold the title of U.S. MARINE. I can't sit here and say that I wish I had been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or Persian Gulf and probably glad it didn't come my way, but I would have gone if activated and the years were right. (82-88). I worked a military contract with the MPS ships working shipboard around the world. Diego Garcia, Guam/Saipan and Atlantic fleet, went to Desert Storm in Saudi for 8 months during Gulf War. I now work on airplanes for the airlines and till this day, I try to bring on my Marine Corps professionalism and know how on the job. Alot of what I am is attributed to my stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, and I will always be proud of that title.

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