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    By the standards being applied to the Confederate flag in this thread, the number of national flags which would be acceptable to the PC presentists would be a very short list. The Japanese still fly the same flag on their warships that they flew when they attacked Pearl Harbor and the same national flag that flew over the prison camps where tens of thousands of allied POW's were murdered, so scratch that one. The British still fly the same colors that they flew during their efforts to deny American independence in two wars and were present during numerous atrocities committed by their troops and Indian allies on the American frontier, so that could be objectionable. Sweden is a nice little country, but without its iron ore shipments, Germany could not have fought WWII, so lets ban their flag and Volvos too. The point is that hardly any nation has a spotless history, so why pick on the stars and bars? Especially when there were at least as many colored Confederates as there were colored yankees.

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    Colored??? Can you still say "colored" ??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckH View Post
    Colored??? Can you still say "colored" ??????
    Chuck - I think he just did. Now, that's not very pc. What's going to happen to us now.

    On the subject of flags, are flags not simply symbols of something else, something greater to those that respect it? Did some of us fight for a mere "flag" or did the flag symbolize something much greater, like our country and our culture.

    It amazes me how our youngsters typically generalize everything and stretch most topics way beyond belief, yet here they become overly precise as to the meaning of a symbol, a flag. The muslim flag is the hijab.

    The hijab for the Islamists not only represents the honor and dignity of islam & of muslim women, but it also creates a sense of supremacy over other people (you and me) who do not wear it. It unites the muslim culture much as a flag would as a separate and different entity within the society that uses this dress code. The hijab, then, unites muslims psychologically with the global muslim community rather than with their western societies. This community transcends countries, therefore no single flag as we know them.

    It may be difficult to imagine how the issue of the hijab is so fundamental to the islamists. The simple reality is that islamic radical groups everywhere in the world care for nothing more than making muslim women wear the hijab.

    So to simplify my earlier question for the informationly challenged; you challenge the stars and bars but say nothing about the symbols of islamic terrorism. How predictable. Just saying.

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    I believe the NAACP uses that term so it's hardly derogatory and isn't intended to be. To others who have travelled to even coastal Africa, conditions there were hardly anything that our sailors of that heritage wished to be associated with. Genocide, massive levels of corruption and slavery continue to be problems in many countries and the situation is unlikely to change any time soon. I often have discussions with my "liberal" friends about the poverty level in the US, but what we consider being poor in this country would be wealth beyond measure in much of Africa. The image I'd been given in high school and college was wildly inaccurate when compared with the reality of being there. There was a "back to Africa" movement on college campuses during the sixties but there weren't many takers. As Marines we were all aware of our primary identity as Americans and denying or fudging our history only obscures the extent of actual progress having been made in terms of national unity.

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    > why pick on the stars and bars?

    For the same reason we "pick on" the swastika. These are nationally recognized hate symbols.

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    I can't help how I was taught in the American education system if today though


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    Today, 10:33 AM #50

    For the same reason we "pick on" the swastika. These are nationally recognized hate symbols.
    .................................................. ......................................


    You need more "BOOK LEARNING"......

    You shoot quick from the HIP...
    BUT you didn't IDENTIFY your target before shooting.

    should minimize your bravado.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2usmc View Post
    > why pick on the stars and bars?

    For the same reason we "pick on" the swastika. These are nationally recognized hate symbols.
    The Confederate flag is not recognized as a hate symbol! least not by anyone with any common sense. Only shallow minds would equate a symbol of the unity of Southern states, as a symbol of hate. If you believe that agreeing with Black radicals will make them like you better think again. If anything, they would laugh , cause your white ass is half whopped already.

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    To some ****ant group, somewhere, practically any flag could be viewed as a "hate" symbol. The stars and bars is proudly displayed by many of southern heritage as symbol of the sacrifices made by their ancestors at the time of the noble cause. Hatred has nothing to do with it. Should the descendants of black Confederates be banned from showing it as well?

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    I can't believe it! It's a first around here, 4 pages, 55 posts and not 1 blaming it on Obama, Congratulations.

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    LOL - something more controversial than the Commander in Chief.

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