What is a good training program for recon?
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    What is a good training program for recon?

    I leave for basic training (nothing basic about Marine Corps boot camp) on Nov. 4th, and I feel that 6 months is enough time, do you? Now I'm studying very hard with all of my general orders and ranks and what-not, but physically, I run every day, usually 2 miles. I'm just trying to build endurance. I am working on my pull ups as well, and I can do about 11. As for crunches and push ups, I can handle those. Also for swimming, I can swim very well, but I still go to the pool every other day so I can get the highest swimming level. Anyway, I am wondering if any of you know of any strict training methods that can prepare me physically for recon. It would be such a great help. Thank you in advance.

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